Better_AI_Meetup: Safer Future of AI

Join the meetups of AI designers at Better _AI_meetup, the space for builders and believers in a better world with AI.

The topic of the fifth Better_AI_Meetup will be Explainability of Deep Learning Models and Cybersecurity Equilibrium. 

The first speaker will be Juraj Jánošík, who works at ESET as Senior Manager of Threat Detection and Machine Learning. The second presentation will be given by Martin Tamajka, a researcher at the Kempelen Institute for Intelligent Technologies. Martin is researching novel methods of deep learning, as well as increasing the transparency of neural networks through. 

In the event that we are happy to organize with Innovatrics and HubHub, we will share our experiences with developing practical AI applications, insights about tools and approaches, case studies about the transformative power of AI technology, and much more.


  • 5:00 pm Welcome
  • 5:10 pm Presentation: Will machine learning improve or disrupt the cybersecurity equilibrium? – Juraj Jánošík (ESET)
  • 5:40 pm Presentation: I want to know “why” – towards understandable Explainable AI – Martin Tamajka (KInIT)
  • 6:10 pm Live Q&A: – _Slido #better_ai

Learn more about the Better_AI_Meetup here.

You can watch the recording of the fifth edition of the Better AI Meetup here:

If you missed the first four meetups, you can watch the live recordings here.