Ethics and Human Values in Technology Internship

We seek reinforcements for our Ethics and Human Values in technology team. We focus on AI ethics and digital regulation. Our intern will collaborate with other research teams and responsible companies in translating the principles of trustworthy AI into practice.

Job description

  • Assistance in devising tools and methods for ethic-based assessments of KInIT research projects and industry AI systems from various domains
  • Active participation in workshops between ethics team and KInIT research teams or external industry partners
  • Facilitating communication between experts in the field of AI ethics/digital regulation and computer science
  • Survey of literature on AI ethics and regulation and preparation of materials to be used in scholarly outputs (academic papers, conferences, reports, etc.)

Benefits of being an intern in Ethics team at KInIT

  • We are offering a unique opportunity where you can experience the application of humanities and social sciences in practice in top-level technological institute.
  • As an intern, you will be collaborating on various international projects and consulting your work with respected researchers in the domain of ethics and regulation of artificial intelligence. 
  • Throughout the internship, we will show you that fields such as AI ethics have their practical use.

Personality requirements

We are looking for a hard-working, curious and driven university student, who is capable of participating in various research and industry projects on ethics and regulation of intelligent technologies. We want to offer this position to a person who is passionate about developing trustworthy artificial intelligence in Slovakia.

podrouzek web

Juraj Podroužek

Lead and Researcher, Hiring manager


  • English – proficiency level (C1)


  • The offered is from 6 € / hour (brutto)

Information about selection process

Should you be interested in applying for our intersnhip, please send us your CV. We will contact you with information about the selection process.

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