Empathy and compassion are the qualities that distinguish humans from machines

We are always happy when the ideas that are behind the creation of KInIT and our research reach the people beyond our scientific bubble. This was also the case with the interview of Professor Mária Bieliková for the Action Women portal (akcenzeny.sk).

Read the whole article (in Slovak only) and find out:

  • In which areas of life and how artificial intelligence helps people,
  • how the structure of professions can change under influence of artificial intelligence,
  • what women can bring in this area,
  • how to properly regulate technologies to children,
  • how she sees the potential of artificial intelligence in the perspective of 20 – 30 years ahead.

Artificial intelligence affects each of us. We believe that the human approach and ideas from the interview will appeal to and inspire you. Because empathy and compassion belong to artificial intelligence. You can read the article directly on akcenzeny.sk.