AI:Dental Wins AI Awards: Trustworthy AI

On June 30, the results of the first AI Awards: Trustworthy AI were announced at Tyršovo nábrežie in Bratislava. The event was organized by the European Center for Digital Innovation – HOPERO and CERAI (Permanent Commission for AI Ethics and Regulation). The award was given to companies that develop and deploy AI systems responsibly and with respect to the principles of trustworthy AI.

The AI Awards 2024 laureate was awarded to the company AI:Dental, which created a tool that helps dentists interpret X-ray images. 

Source: Forbes

The jury also decided to give a Special AI Awards 2024 prize to the company TrollWall for their protective shield for online communication, which automatically identifies and hides toxic and vulgar comments on social media.

Source: Forbes

Selecting the finalists was challenging, with companies such as Innovatrics, Powerful Medical, and Gerulata among the finalists. Each project was evaluated by a professional jury composed of members of Hopero and CERAI.

Trustworthy AI represents an important step towards technologies developed in a responsible way. AI Awards: Trustworthy AI recognizes initiatives that follow this path. I am convinced that sensitizing towards ethics and values connected to art will help create a better world. That is why the award is also associated with a unique artwork created by sculptor and painter Milan Lukáč,” said our founder Mária Bieliková, who is also the chairwoman of CERAI.

Source: Forbes

Criteria for trustworthy AI include human oversight, accountability, transparency, reliability, fairness, societal and environmental impacts, and privacy protection.

Further information can be found in the documents “Ethical Guidelines for Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence” and “Assessment List for Trustworthy AI.” Slovak companies can verify their AI solutions within the Hopero project.

The first edition of the award showcased many innovative companies, and we look forward to future editions that will bring new topics connected with artificial intelligence.