What could be the impact of AI on society and the everyday life of Europans?

Europeans have concerns about facial recognition, the safety of autopilot cars, gathering information on social networks. Brussel is preparing a new regulation, but artificial intelligence is winning its way around the world. What will the future look like in which humanity will have to fight for its integrity in the face of machines? 

KInIT CEO Mária Bieliková participated in a talk-show “Večera s Havranom” on RTVS. Together with Michal Havran, the President of IT Association Slovakia Emil Fitoš and the scientist, manager, and pedagogue Vladimír Šucha, they discussed artificial intelligence and its impact on our society, its positives and negatives, its risks, and how to incorporate ethics into research and development of AI intensive systems. 

You can watch the episode in the archive (Slovak only): https://www.rtvs.sk/televizia/archiv/14084/272364#2