Veda Odpovedá podcast: Interview with Mária Bieliková 

Listen to the interview with Mária Bieliková in the podcast Veda Odpovedá. This podcast is produced by the SOVVA organization in collaboration with the platform Žijem Vedu. All the guests featured on the show are scientists from Slovakia. Their aim is to identify the main challenges and changes affecting the development of society, economy and people’s everyday life after the pandemic. 

Mária Bieliková and Professor František Duchoň (President of the National Robotics Centre) were guests in the episode “Interdisciplinarity is the key to solving everything“.  

They addressed various topics, such as: 

  • Why is it important to develop multidisciplinarity in Slovak education?
  • What societal benefits can be gained from research and development in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics? 
  • Why can artificial intelligence be an effective tool to combat desinformation?
  • What are the biggest challenges we are currently facing?

On top of that, the guests discussed the importance of talent development in the field of science and research in Slovakia. You will also find out how the pandemic has affected their work. You can listen to the full interview here (in Slovak).