Web disinformation annotation tool

In order to create effective AI tools for tackling disinformation, one has to first collect reliable training data. For the Slovak language, datasets are lacking. Therefore, KInIT developed and maintains a web annotation tool for crowdsourcing scenarios.

The tool enables:

1) quick collection of URLs linking to suspicious (potentially misinformative) content,

2) detailed annotation of textual content on the level of text snippets (sentences, paragraphs) using highlights for pinpoint indication of false claims or manipulative constructs, and

3) comprehensive tagging scheme for classification of the highlighted snippets.

While there have been quite a few initiatives and tools for crowd-based annotation of the web content for disinformation world wide, no tools have been specifically tailored for the use in Slovakia (and for Slovak language). As a step towards filling this gap, we took an existing open web annotation tool called Hypothesis and brought it closer to Slovak speakers by creating an annotation platform.

Join the community!

You can become one of annotators and support our joint efforts to make the internet a better, safer and truer place. Download the tool and start annotating now.

Using this platform, Slovak speakers can easily install the annotation tool (which is a browser extension) and start annotating content right away. Users can either annotate content they encounter during their common activities on the web, or they can select one of the links that need annotators‘ attention provided by our platform. 

The graphic design of the tool was created by Seesame.

The creation of the first version of this tool was supported by O2 Fair foundation.

Project team

Ivan Srba
Branislav Pecher
PhD Student
Andrea Hrčková
Róbert Móro
Jakub Šimko
Lead and Researcher