Matúš Pikuliak

Research areas: natural language processing, deep learning, transfer learning, language modeling, multilinguality

Position: Researcher

Matúš focuses on natural language processing and deep learning, with a special interest in multilinguality, transfer learning and language modeling. He also works on issues related to online antisocial behavior, such as hate speech detection or misinformation detection, aiming to make these detection methods interpretable, trustworthy, and easy to train and deploy.

As a teacher, he has supervised more than 10 Bachelor’s and Master’s theses, has taught deep learning as a lead lab assistant, and has organized focused academic seminars. He is a member of the ACL and Slovak.AI communities, and has participated in various research projects dealing with natural language processing, disinformation detection and recommender systems.

He was honored with the Award for exceptional diploma thesis from the Institute of Informatics of the Slovak Academy of Sciences’ and has experience consulting in industry projects utilizing deep learning neural models. In 2021, he obtained a Doctoral degree in Informatics from the Technical University of Košice.

Other notable projects

Analysis and Proposal of Methods and Models for Multilingual Content Generated by Users in Online Big Data Space Based on Machine Learning

feb 28. 2021
VEGA 1/0725/19. 2019-2020, Bielikova, M. – principal investigator

Misinformation Detection in Healthcare Domain

feb 24. 2021
APVV SK-IL-RD-18-0004. 2018-2020, Partner: Bar Ilan University (prof. Sarit Kraus), Bielikova, M. – principal investigator

Modeling, Prediction and Evaluation of User Behavior Based on the Web Interaction for Adaptation and Personalization

feb 24. 2021
VEGA 1/0667/18. 2018-2020, Kompan, M. – principal investigator

Adaptation of Access to Information and Knowledge Artifacts Based on Interaction and Collaboration Within Web

feb 24. 2021
VEGA 1/0646/15. 2015-2018, Bielikova, M. – principal investigator

Selected Student Supervising


  • Kňaze Adam – Transferability of Hate-Speech Classification Models Based on Deep Neural Networks. Defended 2020.
  • Vejčíková Veronika – Automatic detection of deceptive text style. Defended 2021.
  • Bojkovský Michal – Deep semi-supervised learning for misinformation detection in medicine articles. Defended 2021.


  • Vejčíková Veronika – Text generation with neural networks. Defended 2019.
  • Kňaze Adam – Text generation with neural networks. Defended 2018.
  • Bojkovský Michal – Multilingual neural networks. Defended 2019.