Kamil Burda

Research areas: information security, machine learning, feature engineering, data analysis, behavioral biometrics

Position: Researcher

Kamil is a junior researcher focusing on information security. His current research efforts at KInIT include network anomaly detection, phishing and malware analysis. He also has experience in the domain of behavioral biometrics, particularly user authentication on mobile devices and user recognition based on hand gestures. His research seeks to improve the accuracy of these processes and examine the resilience of behavioral biometrics against skilled forgeries.

Kamil holds a masters’ degree from the Slovak University of Technology and received the rector’s award. In 2022, he obtained a Doctoral degree in Informatics from the Technical University of Košice.

Selected Student Supervising


  • Csomor Dávid – User Modeling Based on Behavioral Biometric Data on Mobile Devices. Defended 2021.
  • Kováč Matúš – Behavioral Biometric Authentication of Multiple Users on Mobile Devices. Defended 2021.
  • Šmajda Richard – Activity-Sensitive User Authentication on Mobile Devices. Defended 2021.
  • Jurkáček Peter – User Modeling Based on Behavioral Biometric Characteristics on Mobile Devices. Defended 2020.
  • Babula Lukáš – User Model for Determining User’s Motor Skills. Defended 2019.
  • Slovík Michal – Identification of Users During Usage of Mobile Devices Based on Behavioral Biometrics. Defended 2018.


  • Ferančík Šimon – Evaluation of Biometric Characteristics from Pointing Devices. Defended 2020.
  • Klučková Simona – Biometric Characteristics Evaluation Based on Hand Gestures. Defended 2020.
  • Paľa Erik – Relation of Biometric Characteristics Between Pointing Devices. Defended 2020.
  • Kolibášová Martina – Biometric User Identification in Virtual Reality. Defended 2019.
  • Šmajda Richard – Evaluating Biometric Characteristics on Mobile Devices. Defended 2019.
  • Bernáth Zsuzsanna – Biometric User Identification Based on Their Body Movements. Defended 2018.
  • Pohl Tomáš – Biometric User Identification via Body Movements. Defended 2018.
  • Babula Lukáš – User Modeling via Hand Gestures for User Identification. Defended 2017.
  • Halajová Martina – Virtual Graffiti Using Smartphone. Defended 2017.