KInIT presented its research on misinformation and filter bubbles in Teleráno

Following our research on misinformation and filter bubbles on Youtube, which was awarded the Best Paper at ACM Recommender Conference RecSys 2021 in Amsterdam, we were invited to present our work to a greater audience in Slovakia. 

Róbert Móro was a guest in the morning broadcast of Teleráno on TV Markíza. He spoke not only about how KInIT got the Best Paper Award, but also about how artificial intelligence can help filter disinformation. Robert briefly explained what are the benefits of independent audits of large platforms, what actually information bubbles are, and how people fall into them. Finally, he clarified what is the difference between censorship and filtering information

Link to archive (12.11.2021, from the 37th minute):…/epizoda/56941-12-11-2021