Experiment: Marián Šimko and Juraj Podroužek on Language Models in Artificial Intelligence

Ever wondered how a language model can respond to us in proper Slovak?  Our researchers, Marián Šimko and Juraj Podroužek, were guests on the thought-provoking show “Experiment,” where they dived into the fascinating realm of language models and the ethical considerations in the field of artificial intelligence. 

Throughout the talk show, they covered a diverse range of topics:

  • How is it possible that a language model responds to us in formal Slova?
  • What are the limitations we should consider when relying on its responses?
  • How will the upcoming version of ChatGPT differ from the current one in terms of features and improvements?
  • Why are the AI systems unaware of the potential consequences thier responses might cause?

You can watch the whole show here (the show was recorded in Slovak language).