Maria Bielikova at the 6th ELRC Conference

On March 31.3.2022, Maria Bielikova was a speaker at the European Language Resource Coordination (ELRC) Conference.

The conference was hosted by the European Commission with AI experts from various countries and institutions. Maria Bielikova had a joint presentation with Nikos Sarris, Senior Researcher, CERTH. The topic of their presentation was “Language Technologies for fighting disinformation”. Their presentations are available here:

KInIT is part of the international project CEDMO, which aims to implement an unprecedented, but highly experienced hub against disinformation for the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Its activities include production of fact-checks, media literacy campaigning and most crucially for KInIT: research and development of AI-powered fact-checking support tools.

The conference was hosted by Andrea Lösch from DFKI. Many influential NLP experts presented various topics from the field of natural language processing: Eileen Marra (German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence), Jörg Bienert (Chairman of the German Federal Association for AI), Philippe Gelin (Head of Sector Multilingualism, European Commission),  Igor Carron (CEO, LightOn), Magnus Sahlgren (Head of Re-search Natural Language Understanding, AI Sweden), Suzanne Little (Associate Professor, DCU), Alexandra König (Neuropsychologist, INRIA), Anabela Barreiro (Chair COST Action Multi3Generation, Inesc-ID), Senja Pollak (EMBEDDIA Coordinator; Jozef Stefan Institute), Sebastian Andersson (Solution Architect, Lingsoft) and  Dimitra Anastasiou (Researcher, LIST – Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology).

More information and the presentations are available here: