ITAPA 2020: Where are the digitally skilled people?

We are on the threshold of revolution today. The age of digitization is coming, which will change a lot in our lives. According to a recent UN study, 65% of today’s schoolchildren will work in positions that do not even exist today. You can already feel the lack of digital skills in jobs that were not needed five years ago. And the IT sector is reporting an increasing shortage of human resources. How do we adapt our education system to the challenges of tomorrow’s labor market?

In the panel, we will look at the current situation in the labor market in terms of digital skills and developments in the field of IT. We will imagine the activities of companies and non-profit organizations that aim to increase digital skills and think about the strategy for the future. Discussing panel includes Mária Bieliková from Kempelen Institute of Intelligent Technologies Marcela Havrilová from Microsoft Slovakia, Tomáš Jucha from MIRRI, Ivan Láska from Trexima Mário Lelovský from ITAS and Anna Záhorčáková from DITEC.