IS2 conference: Fragility of the digital world

Join the Information Security Summit focused on the fragility of the digital world

The 24th edition of the international conference on information security will take place on 24th – 25th May, 2023 in Prague. The event, organized by the organization Tate International, will be held in a hybrid format, in person and online.

You can look forward to interesting speakers and experts from the Czech Republic and abroad.The contributions will address current topics and trends in the field of information security and data protection.

One of the presenters will be our researcher Peter Pištek with the topic  “Forensic analysis in the corporate environment”. Peter will talk about: 

  • The core definition of forensic analysis and its processes,
  • Recommendations regarding its use, 
  • Limitations forensic analysis has, 
  • Several examples of anti-forensic techniques that can complicate investigations.

More information about the event and registration can be found here.