Better_AI_Meetup: Understanding Neural Networks

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The topic of the seventh Better_AI_Meetup will be Speech Recognition & Measuring Quality of ML Models. 

The first speaker will be Jakub Sochor, who works at Innovatrics as Head of Research and Development. The second presentation will be given by Prof. Jan Černocký, who leads the Department of Computer Graphics and Multimedia at the Faculty of Information Technology of the Brno University of Technology.

In the event that we are happy to organize with Innovatrics, we will share our experiences with developing practical AI applications, insights about tools and approaches, case studies about the transformative power of AI technology, and much more.


  • 5:00 pm Welcome
  • 5:10 pm Presentation: Evaluating Machine Learning Algorithms – Jakub Sochor (Innovatrics)
  • 5:40 pm Presentation: Two revolutions in the life of a senior speech recognition guy – Prof. Jan Černocký (FIT VUT)
  • 6:10 pm Live Q&A: – _Slido #better_ai

Learn more about the Better_AI_Meetup here.

You can watch the meetup recording here:

If you would like to watch recordings of the previous meetups, you can watch the live recordings here.