Better_AI_Meetup: First ever Slovak language neural model and why AI is becoming mainstream

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The first Better_AI_Meetup is organized in partnership with Innovatrics and HubHub. It will feature two presentations from the authors of the first-ever Slovak neural language model and Amazon’s principal research scientist from its Berkeley research lab (USA).

The opening presentation is centered on the most recent success of AI research in Slovakia – the SlovakBERT model. Creating a neural language model for languages with limited available corpus can be challenging. Matus Pikuliak from KInIT will explain what are the main obstacles when creating such a model and what their practical applications are.

Following that is a special guest, Brano Kveton, a Slovak scientist who has spent 20 years developing AI for Google, Adobe, Intel and currently for Amazon. He will discuss why AI is becoming mainstream and what it means for the future of technology.