Software Engineer for Machine Learning

We seek an enthusiastic software research engineer who will contribute to the design and implementation of tools for experimental evaluation of AI models and methods and building tools for our research and innovation projects in the domain of AI for disinformation tackling . 

The work of a software engineer will also help in practical use of research results by media professionals and fact-checkers. 

Most of our projects are international in cooperation with foreign researchers, they are focusing on interesting and important fields such as misinformation, supervision of social media impact on society and natural language understanding.


  • Applying novel ML/AI methods
  • Design and development of innovative software solutions (in production quality) encapsulating ML/AI 
  • Analysis, implementation, prototyping and deployment of software designed by researchers (within research projects and industry projects) 
  • Exploring results of data analysis or cooperation on specific data analysis tasks within research projects


  • Master degree in any of (or equivalent):
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Computer Science
    • Software Engineering
    • Or equivalent
  • Preferably 2 years of experience in software development or computer science research
  • Preferred technologies: Python, JavaScript, Jupyter, Git, GitHub, Docker, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, PyTorch, Keras, Pandas, scikit-learn – it is not expected to have experience with all mentioned technologies
  • Web development (simple frontends, sophisticated backends)
  • Software integration, Database engineering, basic DevOps
  • Experience with machine-learning and model deployment

Minimum offered salary is 1800+EUR gross, the final offer depends on the seniority and experience of a successful candidate.

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About KInIT

KInIT is an independent  non-profit institute dedicated to intelligent technology research. We bring together and nurture experts in artificial intelligence and other areas of computer science, with connections to other disciplines:

  • Web and user data processing including false information and malicious behavior modelling
  • Processing and comprehension of natural language
  • Data analysis for green energy
  • Information security
  • Ethics and human values in intelligent technologies

KInIT combines the excellent competencies of academic researchers and educators with innovative companies, their needs and experience. By involving the private sector, we seek to create a healthy research ecosystem that is connected to existing universities, the Slovak Academy of Sciences and above all to the international community.

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