Senior Research Engineer for Natural Language Processing

Our vision is to make Slovakia a great research and innovation space. We work hard to motivate talents to return back home, to attract world-class researchers to join our team and to stimulate knowledge sharing both nationally and internationally by the circulation of “brains”.

We are a nonprofit organization that brings together the experts in AI and other areas of computer science and dedicate our time and effort to intelligent technology research.

Job Description

In KInIT, we solve projects that are either grant-based or commercial, where KInIT collaborates with international research institutions and innovative companies.

As a research engineer, you will collaborate with our AI researchers on various projects with focus on cooperation with industry. You will focus mostly on the practical aspects of AI, following the best practices from software engineering, information systems, DevOps and MLOps.

You will analyze customer requirements and research problems and participate in research, prototyping, development and deployment of innovative Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Solve industrial projects focused on data processing, machine learning NLP. This includes data analysis, training of machine learning models, coding, setting up the infrastructure and deploying solutions of different types.
  • Analyze requirements in industrial and research projects and transform them into a solution (analysis, simple or a more advanced prototype, product or a research paper).
  • Set up and maintain cloud and on-premise infrastructure. We work with various cloud providers (the major focus being on AWS and Azure), our own cluster and also high performance computing infrastructure.
  • Share the knowledge both internally and within the community.

Employee perks, benefits

Benefits of being a research engineer in NLP at KInIT:

  • Improve yourself in natural language processing – both in terms of methods and tools.
  • Improve your data analysis and machine learning skills.
  • Experience best practices of research and project work.
  • We put strong emphasis on knowledge sharing. You will be able to attend research or engineering seminars where people present cutting-edge research and tech topics.
  • Opportunity to meet the Slovak and European elites in AI and NLP. We support travel if this is something you like.
  • Work with a great and supportive team.

Join us to help AI better understand our language!

Marián Šimko

Lead and Researcher, Hiring manager


  • English – upper intermediate level

Personality requirements

Important:  We don’t expect you to meet all the requirements. We are not in search of a Superman, but rather a dedicated individual who is willing to improve both herself/himself and us.

  • Master degree in Computer science, Software engineering, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning or equivalent.
  • Proficiency in programming languages (preferably Python), libraries and frameworks commonly used in machine learning. 
  • Hands-on experience with NLP.
  • Effective communication skills to communicate with industrial partners and researchers,  present research findings, and contribute to research publications and industrial reports.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to analyze data, identify patterns, and derive actionable insights for research and industrial applications.
  • Continuous learning mindset, staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in NLP research, industry trends and machine learning.
  • Experience with web development, testing, DevOps or MLOps. Familiarity with version control systems (we use Git and GitHub).
  • Experience with constructing machine learning pipelines and working with related tools (e.g., Apache Airflow) is an advantage.
  • Knowledge of data collection methodologies and data preprocessing techniques and tools to ensure data quality and integrity for effective model training is an advantage.


  • 2400€ gross (the final offer depends on the seniority of the candidate and previous experience)

Information about selection process

Should you be interested in applying for our job opening, please send us your CV. We will contact you with information about the selection process.

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