Information security plays a key role in our everyday life. The Security team is dedicated to researching malicious behavior detection and behavioral biometrics, creating new models in behavioral security and models which respect privacy in ICT. 

The primary research areas of the security team are quantitative methods, such as machine learning, feature extraction for behavioural security, and forensic analysis of computer systems. Our findings can be applied to detect security threats, such as malware and network attacks, improve user identification and verification and software design with a focus on privacy.


  • User modelling – behavioural and physical biometrics research
  • Data analysis of large security logs, e.g. malware, phishing attacks, network anomalies
  • Privacy in ICT


Daniela Chudá
Expert Researcher
Peter Lacko
Expert Researcher
Dominik Macko
Expert Researcher
Peter Pištek
Senior Researcher
Jakub Ševcech
Research Consultant
Kamil Burda
Junior Researcher
Patrik Goldschmidt
PhD Student
Martin Mocko
PhD Student