Research Engineering Intern for Spatial Data Processing

Our vision is to make Slovakia a great research and innovation space. We work hard to motivate talents to return back home, to attract world-class researchers to join our team and to stimulate knowledge sharing both nationally and internationally by the circulation of “brains”.

We are a nonprofit organization that brings together the experts in AI and other areas of computer science and dedicate our time and effort to intelligent technology research.

Job description

We seek reinforcements for our project that applies computer vision approaches for weather forecasting and winter road maintenance. The project is developed in cooperation with SOFTEC and Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute. We focus on developing physics-informed forecasting models that take into account existing domain knowledge. The aim is to make winter road maintenance as effective and environmentally friendly as possible.

The intern will process weather radar and rain gauge data to create datasets for precipitation nowcasting and quantitative precipitation estimation models. This includes the conversion of raw data into formats suitable for convolutional neural networks, data preprocessing and selection, and the development of efficient datasets in the PyTorch machine learning framework. The result of the internship will be a clean and concise codebase of scripts to support data scientists when training machine learning models.

Later, the intern can also get to work on developing machine learning models or solve some tasks in other projects of the Green and Secure Environment team.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Data processing, analysis, selection, and visualization
  • Supporting the development of AI models
  • Refactoring existing code-base, moving code from notebooks into scripts
  • Creating and maintaining repositories according to coding conventions
  • Optional: developing AI models, machine learning

Employee perks, benefits of the internship:

  • Improve your programming skills and learn to work with various data types.
  • Learn about the meteorology, geoscience, and Earth observation domains.
  • Opportunity to meet the Slovak elites in AI.
  • Work with a very friendly team striving to make the green future a reality.

Be part of the future of weather prediction or other interesting data analysis tasks!

Viera Rozinajová

Lead and Researcher, Hiring manager


  • Slovak 100%
  • English 80%

Personality and profile requirements

  • You should have some experience with programming (e.g. several university courses (Python is beneficial)).
  • You should have some experience with statistics (basic university courses and math in general )
  • You should have some experience in machine learning basics

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