KInIT for Globsec: AI Needs Ethics and Transparency

What are the key trends that define the technological future of the region? What technological challenges do Central and Eastern Europe face after the Covid-19 pandemic? 

GLOBSEC is launching a new initiative that will focus on shaping the region’s technological vision, designing concrete actions needed to achieve certain technological goals, and bringing together a community of entrepreneurs, policy-makers, or innovators to begin making this vision a reality.

Our CEO Maria Bielikova shared her insights and contributed to the report which contains the key trends that already determine the technological future of the region. 

“Countries should develop a new model for education based on a “whole brain” approach and include a strong component of social and emotional learning.” Maria Bielikova

Want to read more? The full report “Disruptive Tech Trends in Central & Eastern Europe: A Snapshot” here: