Machine Learning Engineer for Natural Language Processing

We seek an enthusiastic and experienced NLP Research Engineer who will contribute to the development of the NLP field in Slovakia to become a strong player in world´s AI and to bridge academia and industry, participate in interesting collaboration with industry and knowledge transfer. The focus will also be on the development of intelligent NLP tools and services which can be seminal for Slovak language and will be re-used in other projects and collaborations.

Our new colleague will be bringing research ideas and prototypes to life, getting AI closer to non-research users. 

Slovakia is one of the largest growing global NLP markets so there are many opportunities to get involved in NLP solutions.


  • Applying novel ML/AI methods 
  • Analysis of software requirements with regards to ML/AI focused on natural language processing (NLP)
  • Design and development of innovative software solutions (in production quality) encapsulating ML/AI 
  • Solving technological challenges related to ML/AI focused on NLP
  • Maintenance and support of research software development infrastructure and services 
  • Participation in projects of applied research (collaboration with industry)


  • Master degree in any of (or equivalent):
    • Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Natural language processing
    • Data analysis, Data engineering
    • Computer science, Information systems, Software engineering 

basic coverage of AI/ML topics expected

  • Minimum 1-year experience in software engineering, data science, or NLP
  • Preferably knowledge of natural language processing.
  • Preferred technologies: Python, C#, JavaScript, Jupyter, Git, GitHub, Docker, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, PyTorch, HuggingFace, Weights & Biases, MLFlow, Swagger – it is not expected to have experience with all mentioned technologies
  • Experience in machine learning (including data science), DevOps or software engineering and development
  • Desire to learn and adopt new tools and technologies as required by the projects
  • Quality-concerned 
  • Ability to see the big picture
  • Ability effectively discuss requirements with researchers/industry partners
  • Ability to study complex technical topics

Minimum offered salary is 1800+EUR gross, the final offer depends on the seniority and experience of a successful candidate.

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About us

KInIT is an independent  non-profit institute dedicated to intelligent technology research. We bring together and nurture experts in artificial intelligence and other areas of computer science, with connections to other disciplines:

  • Web and user data processing including false information and malicious behavior modelling
  • Processing and comprehension of natural language
  • Data analysis for green energy
  • Information security
  • Ethics and human values in intelligent technologies

KInIT combines the excellent competencies of academic researchers and educators with innovative companies, their needs and experience. By involving the private sector, we seek to create a healthy research ecosystem that is connected to existing universities, the Slovak Academy of Sciences and above all to the international community.

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