Better_AI_Meetup: How will the AI Act affect your business and research?

Join the meetups of AI designers at Better _AI_meetup, the space for builders and believers in a better world with AI.

In the event that we are happy to organize with Innovatrics, we will share our experiences with developing practical AI applications, insights about tools and approaches, case studies about the transformative power of AI technology, and much more.

This edition of the Better AI Meetup will focus on regulation of AI in the European Union. Join us at the 10th Better_AI_Meetup to find out how to prepare for the impact of the AI Act regulation.

Matúš Mesarčík from KInIT will be talking about translating principles of Trustworthy AI to legal compliance with the AI Act.

Together with Juraj Čorba from the Ministry of Investment, Regional Development and Informatics of the Slovak Republic, we will delve into the challenges associated with the AI Act.


  • _5:00 pm Welcome
  • _5:10 pm Presentation –  Translating principles of Trustworthy AI to legal compliance with the AI Act – Matúš Mesarčík, KInIT
  • _5:40 pm Interview – The challenges of AI Act: What to expect from the new regulation – Juraj Čorba, MIRRI
  • _6:05 pm Live Q&A – _Slido #better_ai

You can watch the recording here:

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